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E. G. Neal

Date/Place of Birth

1946, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Preferred Media / Type of Work

sculpture and furniture

Artist's statement

Concrete and metal express strength and function in opposition to ornamentation. My designs combine the aesthetic with the practical, characterized by geometric shapes, straight lines, and neutral/primary colors emphasizing my desire for simplification. Each item represents the "absolute devaluation of tradition...the exposure of the whole swindle of lyricism and sentiment...for clarity, for certainty, and for order." In my work I try to evoke an ideal, logical society where all is reason.


Mixed Exhibitions:
December 1996 "Abstract: al fresco," Sculpture, Southwood Landscape, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
April 1997 "Men's Show", Tulsa Artists' Coalition, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
April 1998 Holland Hall, Walter Art Center, Group Show, Sculpture.
May 1998 Mayfest Invitational Gallery, Tulsa, Oklahoma
May 2003 Mayfest Invitational Gallery, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Awards and Publications

1995 Ist Place for Console no. 4, Johnson Atelier, Working Together
1996 Honorable Mention for Wren Strongbox, (Architecture for the Birds), Firehouse Art Center
1996 2nd Place for Across the Tee Yard, 43rd Annual Spring Art Show, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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6 years 10 months