Display Name

Meabh Warburton

Date/Place of Birth

1966, Dublin

Preferred Media / Type of Work

Woven Tapestry

Artist's statement

I use the strong stylized shapes of cups and bowls and more recently, kitchen utensils as a vehicle for colour and pattern.
One of my greatest pleasures is the making and sharing of food and drink with friends and I use vessels as a symbol of this warmth and continuity of hospitality and ritual.

"While complicated tools and technologies are subject to rapid change, simple utensils obey a slow, almost geological rhythm. In stratum upon stratum the archaeology of Western sites unearths endless variations in the same basic ideas, of storage jar, oil lamp, beaker, vase. Such objects belong to the aevum, time which has a beginning but no end." (norman Bryson, Looking at the Overlooked: Four essays on Still Life painting, Reaktion, 1990)
I start by making a collage, partly because this suits the way I use shape and form, but also because found colour often presents more exciting colour juxtapositions. The collage then acts as a cartoon for the weaving. I use fine cottons on a cotton warp set at 16 to the inch.
There is something in the 'low tech', gentle process of handweaving which echoes norman Bryson's statement. The technique which I employ is that which was used by the earliest weavers thousands of years ago. It is important to me to actually construct the cloth rather than add to or embellish existing material. There is a 'completeness' in this which I feel adds to the warmth and substance of the final piece.


Solo Exhibitions:
1992 Drawing Exhibition at Madeley Court School
1996 Tapestry Exhibition at 5, Belmont, Shrewsbury

Recent Mixed Exhibitions:
1996 Contemporary Textiles, Roger Billcliffe Fine Art
1996 - 1998 Art Textiles, Bury St. Edmunds Gallery and National Tour
1996 Still Life, Crafts Council Gallery Shop, London
1997 The Deum, Countryworks Gallery, Montgomery
1997 Good Taste, The Brewery, Kendal, Cumbria

Art Education

1983 - 1984 Grennan Mill Craft School, Kilkenny
1984 - 1987 Edinburgh College of Art

Residencies and Workshops:
1995 - 1997 Artist in Residence at Madeley Court School, Telford
1996 Series of workshops with Primary pupils at Phoenix School
1996 Series of workshops for adults at 5, Belmont, Shrewsbury in conjunction with solo exhibition

1991 - 1995 Textiles Lecturer at north Shropshire College, Oswestry, Shropshire

Awards and Publications

1995 Crafts Council Setting up Grant

1992 Woven tapestry, Journey, Ashling Hotel, Dublin
1995 Woven tapestry and Monoprint for Shropshire County Council

Catalogues, Articles:
1996 Art Textiles, curated by Bury St. Edmunds Gallery
1996 Crafts Magazine

Critical Reviews:
1997 Fibrearts, March/April Issue

Work Held in Collections

1995 Shropshire County Council

Member for

6 years 10 months