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Pauline Burbidge
Date/Place of Birth
1950, Bridport, Dorset, England
Preferred Media / Type of Work

Quilted textile wallhangings and Interior Designs

Artist's statement

I trained in fashion and textiles at St Martin's School of Art, London, and have been making quilts since 1975. I have received support from the Crafts Council, including the John Ruskin award in 1982. Recently, I have received a major grant from the Scottish Arts Council (1996) to explore and develop new work. I have exhibited widely, and concentrated mainly on showing in the UK and the USA and have also been included in many books published worldwide, including The Art Quilt by Penny McMorris and Michael Kile, 1986 and The Passionate Quilter by Michele Walker, 1990. I now live in the Scottish Borders, where I have set up home and studio with my husband Charles Poulsen who is a sculptor. My work has been purchased by several museums in the UK, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, The Glasgow Museums and The Museum of Costume and Textiles in Nottingham. My work has grown from the love of fabric, colour and traditional patchwork quilts - although my imagery is far from traditional. I work happily with multiple images - each block being a little like a separate study. I think of myself as a designer, craftsperson and textile artist, and feel that I use all three categories to a varying degree on each piece. After working my way through many design themes with my quiltwork since 1975 (pictorial pieced images, 3D geometric images and collage, both paper and fabric) I have now decided to divide my work into two sections - the water reflection images using fabric collage, and the laminated blocks using natural found materials, laminating plastic and fabric. The 'Water Reflections' are a continuing theme which began in 1993 with works such as Nottingham Reflections, followed by Whiteadder and Tweed Reflections II. I begin my design process by taking many photographs and I use these as a starting point to produce fabric collage blocks. I am constantly trying to work more freely with fabric and stitching, which continues to be a challenge to me. My tools are fabric, 'Bondawebb' and scissors. I work directly with the fabric with no preparatory drawings, using a collage technique and both hand and machine stitching. My work has moved a long way from its traditional beginnings, and the hard edged 'piecing' of my earlier quilts. The laminating works are a new direction for me. I am collecting natural material from my local environment, such as petals, leaves and grasses, pressing them and laminating them to squares of pre-coloured fabric or painted cloth. I deliberately choose a similar colour to that of the leaf or petal being laminated, so that both the fabric and the natural object merge together. I then assemble these units into colour studies, stitching them into quilt like hangings. I feel that these works feed my other 'water reflections' series, in the way that they help me to tune into and heighten my colour sense. I like to think of my work changing and growing as nature does - continuously - without that change it would become dead and lifeless. In 1998-9, I completed a large exhibition, Take 4 - New perspectives on the British art quilt which began at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester in September 1998 and toured the UK. The exhibition was shared with Jo Budd, Dinah Prentice and Michele Walker. It was a little like four one person shows combined and traced work progression and development in our textile work. My subsequent one-person touring exhibition of quilts, collages and photographs - Quiltworks - visions of the natural world has recently finished touring. This started at the Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead in Mid June, 2004 and included the Knitting & Stitching Shows at Alexandra Palace, London, R.D.S., Dublin and International Hall, Harrogate. The show also visited the Collins Gallery, Glasgow and the Bankfield Museum, Halifax. A Portfolio collection book was published with Telos, in early 2004 to coincide with the exhibition. Authors - Dr. Jennifer Harris (from the Whitworth Art Gallery) and Judith Duffey-Harding. It features most of the work in this exhibition. My book Quilt Studio, Innovative Techniques for Confident and Creative Quilt Making and Design was published by The Quilt Digest Press in May 2000. Working in the Scottish Borders, I gain much inspiration from the wonderful countryside around me. My work now divides into two sections - Quiltworks are special studio quilts made as wall hangings using fabric collage, stitch and fabric paint. Quiltline are also unique original pieces designed especially for home interiors. Pauline Burbidge, March 2006. "Pauline Burbidge is both an artist who creates lyrical quilts and a designer-craftsperson who shows meticulous attention to detail." --Michele Walker from Quilt Studio, The Quilt Digital Press.


Solo Exhibitions 1979 Foyles Art Gallery, London 1983 New Patchwork Quilts by Pauline Burbidge, Midland Group, Nottingham 1989 Ruskin Craft Gallery, Sheffield 1991 The Works Gallery, Philadelphia, USA. 2004-5 Quiltworks - visions of the natural world, Touring (mid June - early September 2004) The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, The Knitting & Stitching Shows - (8-11 October, 2004) Alexandra Palace, London (29 Oct - 1st Nov 2004) R.D.S. Dublin (20 - 24 Nov 2004) International Hall, Harrogate. Also, (Mid Feb - End March 2005) The Collins Gallery, Glasgow and (Mid April - End May 2005) Bankfield Museum, Halifax. Recent Mixed Exhibitions 1998/9 with Jo Budd, Dinah Prentice and Michelle Walker Take 4 - New perspectives on the British art quilt, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (Sept. 11- nov. 15, 1998) and touring to Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Nottingham (nov. 28 1998 - Jan. 24 1999), Aberdeen Art Gallery (Feb. 27 - April 10 1999), Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea (May 15 - July 11 1999) and Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle (July 23 - Sep. 26 1999). 2001 Ground Cover: Contemporary Quilts, (March 2 - April 19) OWCC Arts Center Galleries, Niceville, Florida, (May 4 - June 22) Florida Craftsman Inc., St. Petersberg, Florida, USA. 2002 Matterart, (with Charles Poulsen) 8 April - 13 May, Shire Pottery Gallery and Studios, Millers' Yard, Prudhoe Street, Alnick, Northumberland, UK 2005 Open Studio Exhibition (with Charles Poulsen and Guest artist, Clyde Olliver) Aug 5 - Aug 8 (11am - 6pm) Allanbank Mill Steading, Berwickshire, Scotland. 2006 Future Open Studio Exhibition (with Charles Poulsen and a Guest artist) Aug 4 - Aug 7 (11am - 6pm) Allanbank Mill Steading, Berwickshire, Scotland.

Art Education

1966 - 1968 Yeovil Tech. College - Pre-Dip Art and Design 1968 - 1969 London College of Fashion 1969 - 1972 St. Martins Art College - Dip. A.D. (Fashion/Textiles) Teaching: 1993 Mainstream Design Conference, St. Johns, Newfoundland 1993 - 1995 West Dean College, Chichester. (Short Courses.) 1995 Split Rock Arts Program, University of Minnesota, USA 1996 Quilt Surface Design Symposium, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Awards and Publications

1978 New Craftmens Grant, Crafts Council 1982 John Ruskin Craft Award - Major bursary, administered by the Crafts Council 1983 Award of Excellence, Quilt National '83 1981 & 1989 Small grants from East Midlands Arts 1996 A major grant given by the Scottish Arts Council to develop new work. Books Burbidge, Pauline, Making Patchwork for Pleasure and Profit, John Gifford, 1981 Walker, Michele, Quiltmaking in Patchwork & Applique, Ebury, 1985 Barker, Vicki and Tessa Bird, The Fine Art of Quilting, Studio Vista, 1990 Walker, Michele, The Passionate Quilter, Ebury, 1990 Osler, Dorothy, Quilting, Merhurst, 1991 Margetts, Martina, International Crafts, Thames and Hudson, 1991 Lintott, Pam and Rosemary Miller, The Quilt Room - Patchwork and Quilting Workshops, Charles Letts, 1993 Vogue, Nihon 88 Leaders in the Quilt World Today, Japan, 1994 Shaw, Robert, Quilts - A Living Tradition, L.A., USA Burbidge, Pauline, Quilt Studio, Innovative Techniques for Confident and Creative Quilt Making and Design, The Quilt Digest Press, N. T. C. Publishing, May 2000 Harris, Jennifer and Duffey-Harding, Judith, Portfolio Collection Book to accompany Quiltworks, Telos, 2004. Catalogues: New Patchwork Quilts by Pauline Burbidge, The Midland Group, Nottingham, 1983 McMorris, Penny and Michael Kile, The Art Quilt, USA, 1986 Quilt Art, Nottingham Castle Museum, 1988 Quilts: The James Collection, Japan, 1990 Segawa, Setsuko, New Wave Quilt Collections II, Japan, 1992 Quilt National Catalogues, USA, 1983, 1985, 1987 & 1993 Vincentelli, Moira, Joining Forces, Exhibition Fanfold, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, 1993 Raw Materials, Scottish Contemporary Textiles, Ettrick and Lauderdale Museums, 1995 The Art of the Quilt (featuring the collection of John M Walsh III), Macculloch Hall Historical Museum, USA, 1995 Contemporary Quilts from the James Collection, American Quilters Society, USA, 1995 Take 4 - New Perspectives on the British art quilt, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 1998 Reviews: Crafts Magazine, Nov/Dec, 1991 Quilters Review (Quilters Guild UK), Winter, 1992 Quilting Today, April, USA, 1994 Eddy, Celia, 'A Whole New Era', The Quilter, 64, 1995, pp.15-17

Work Held in Collections

Work Purchased for Museum Collections: 1983 Floating Triangles, The Ruskin Gallery (collection of the Guild of St George), Sheffield 1983 Mirrored Steps, Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead 1987 Kate's Vase, Textile Department, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London 1989 Sweetlips II, Museum of Costume and Textiles, Nottingham 1989 Joining Forces, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester 1989 Custard Squash, Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Belfast 1991 Joining Forces II, Museum of Costume and Textiles, Nottingham 1992 Intercut Fish-Harmony, Glasgow Museums, Glasgow 1994 Reflections and Sink or Swim, Museum of Costume and Textiles, Nottingham 1996 3 paper collages, Paintings in Hospitals Scotland, Edinburgh 1998 Dancing Lines, National Museums of Scotland Major Commissions: 1982 Featherstone Rd Health Clinic, Southall, London 1988 The Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft 1990 The Mansfield Arts Centre, Mansfield 1994 Designs for building refubishment, The Victoria Centre Flats for Nottingham City Council. Designs completed but not made. 1994 Water commission for John M Walsh III, USA

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6 years 10 months