Gallery grade art on your TV

Whether New York at night, paradisiacal beaches or breathtaking natural beauty – with ARTSTREAM you can enjoy art on all your screens. Stream a collection of curated artworks according to your mood and occasion and discover an indescribable variety.

Surprise your friends at dinner with a city trip through world metropolises or enjoy a relaxing evening with sea view. Also perfect for office and practice rooms.

Turn your screen into an art gallery

With the ARTSTREAM Premium version you can choose from 4.000+ artworks by more than 450 international artists. Stream through our extensive portfolio of curated art, featuring exciting new releases, hot-selling highlights, and timeless classics. Thanks to various filtering and personalization features, you can create your own personal art exhibition.

ARTSTREAM - Kunst auf dem TV

All information about the artwork

You can get more information about each displayed artwork in the stream. All you have to do is tap on your device and immediately details about the work, the artist and the possibility to buy the signed work for your wall will pop up.


It is not necessary to register or create an account.

There are two versions of the ARTSTREAM app a Free Version and Premium Version. The Premium Version costs € 4.99 per month or € 49.99 per Year. If you like an artwork, you can buy a limited-edition and hand-signed physical version by following the link in the app to the gallery site.

ARTSTREAM can be streamed from any internet-connected device with the ARTSTREAM App installed. ARTSTREAM-compatible devices include most common TV OS platforms. ARTSTREAM is also available for iOS devices through a native iOS/iPadOS (v16, 15) app. The app uses AirPlay 2 or Google Cast (Chromecast) streaming technology to display artworks on any TV that supports AirPlay 2 or Chromecast.

For the best stremaing experience, when using Airplay 2, It is recommended to use the Apple TV Airplay2 streaming option.


ARTSTREAM is available for iOS and Android.

  • iOS/iPadOS (v16, 15)
    Download: App Store (Link to AppStore)
  • Android
    Download: Google Play Store (coming soon)
  • Tizen TV (comming soon)


All TVs with AndroidTV operating system will work with the native app, but it is also possible to connect to Chrome Cast (when using the iOS, iPadOS app), as all Android TVs offer a Chrome Cast.

You can stream artworks to any Google Cast-enabled TV using a Google Cast media receiver or integrated Google Cast Receiver from any modern Smart TV. The stream will only be displayed on the TV and will start immediately after a successful Chromecast connection.

You can stream artworks to any AirPlay2-enabled TV by first playing the stream in a native iOS video player (AVPlayer). The stream will then be displayed on the TV after a successful AirPlay 2 connection. All artwork videos and artwork transition videos will be played as M3U8 HLS (HTTP Live Stream) playlists from the backend server.

The app is available in the following languages:
DE – German
FR – French (coming soon)
ESP – Spanish (coming soon)
EN – English (default)
JP – Japanese (coming soon)
PT – Portuguese (coming soon)
KO – Korean (coming soon)
CMN – Mandarin (coming soon)
Others: EN – English (default)

If the internet connection is lost or next image hasn’t loaded, indicators will appear on screen. Follow the instructions and press any button to reconnect. If this doesn’t work, check your internet connection and restart the app.

If the Stream is running slow please check your WiFi connection. If it’s still slow please contact support@artstream.com

It is not possible to save images. However, if you like an artwork, you can buy a limited-edition and hand-signed physical version by following the link in the app to the gallery website.
For more information, contact us at: support@artstream.com

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